GCC units are encouraged to devise an annual program plan in the late summer and finance that plan using the popcorn sale as their primary vehicle.  Each unit committee decides how to finance their Scout unit. Popcorn is a risk-free council approved product sale.  Shared proceeds from the sale are: 30% cost of goods, 37% unit commissions and prizes and 33% council portion.  It has been the only sale we have asked our units to participate in to help support the council.

(Note: To specifically help Scouts earn their way to camp, we are adding camp card sales this spring as second option to council product sales.)

The sale focuses on Scouts selling popcorn by one of four methods:

  • Show and Sell: units take product and sell in front of stores, banks and other public/retail sites.
  • Show and Deliver:  units take product and go door-to-door in neighborhoods, sell products and deliver them on the spot.
  • Take Order:  Scouts go door-to-door in neighborhoods, ask family and friends, or parents take forms to work place and solicit orders that will be filled as one large group order.  Delivery takes place in mid-November.
On-line Sales: Introduced about 5 years ago, Scouts can direct potential customers and out of town supporters to a website affiliated with the sale.  Using a personalized ID number, customers make a purchase or donation and the commission is tracked to the unit/Scout.