Who benefits from Wood Badge?


 Chances are, if you’ve been involved in Scouting for a while, someone has invited you to participate in Wood Badge. Like everyone, though, you have a hectic schedule and don’t know how or why to fit in more training. After all, who really benefits from Wood Badge? 

     In short, you are the biggest beneficiary, but you aren’t the only one. Your family, your work environment, your Scouting unit and your other volunteer engagements all have opportunities to benefit from Wood Badge.

     Wood Badge is often called a mountaintop training experience—with the emphasis on experience. As a participant in the course, you’ll be prompted to reflect on your personal values, your vision and your life’s mission. Through the Wood Badge ticket process, you’ll be guided in establishing a set of goals that will help you become a better person. 

     You see, Wood Badge is unlike other Scouting training events. Think of it as a total immersion experience. From the time you get up in the morning until bedtime, you’ll be surrounded by Scouters—learning, playing and sharing the fellowship of like-minded individuals.

During the course, five central themes are woven together:

  •         Models for Success
  •         Living the Values
  •         Tools of the Trade
  •         Leading to Make a Difference
  •         Bringing the Vision to Life

As you progress through the course, you’ll come to understand how to become a better leader, parent, spouse, worker and volunteer by applying the skills you learn. Even if you’ve gone through leadership development and management training in the past, Wood Badge puts those skills into context, enabling you to improve your abilities as a person.