Campmasters Gourmet Popcorn

Introduction to the 2016 Campaign

Scouts, are you ready to sell Campmasters' deeeee-licious gourmet popcorn to benefit Scouting in the Susquehanna Council?  This year, the sale will run similarly to the successful campaign we ran last year, but with some new perks!  Among these perks, are that the continued ability of units to take credit card payments, a restructured Commission for each unit (see below for more details), an earlier opportunity to get training for new kernels, the opportunity to place your Show and Sell Order (this was previously not available to units), and the chance to fund your year-long unit program while offsetting the costs to operate Camp Karoondinha, the Scout Service Center, to provide training, and more.  

If you are not on a distribution list, please consider emailing your district kernel (below) with a request to be added.  

The 2016 District Kernels, Council Kernel, District Executives, and Scout Executive have been meeting monthly to improve on last year's successful popcorn year!  We read through and took very seriously the answers you gave us on the 2015 online surveys and are hoping to make great strides in improving the campaign.  Your feedback is always welcome!


Show and Sell Product Selection Tool

Pay Anywhere Sheet

Leader's Guide


Prize Program "Opt Out" Contract

Commission Sheet

Take Order Forms/Prize Sheet

Popcorn Setup Display

Safety Tips

Selling Methods

Why Popcorn?

August Kickoff Trainings

• 2nd - Bald Eagle District Popcorn training – 6-9:00 pm, City Alliance
Church 380 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA 17701

 • 4th - Seven Bridges District Popcorn training – 6-9:00pm, St. John’s Lutheran Church 300 Queen Street Northumberland, PA 17857

2016 Council Popcorn Team
Denny Brumbaugh
Council Kernel dbrumbaugh@verizon.net
Zach Stotter Staff Advisor

570-326-5121 ext. 101 

 BALD EAGLE        
 Yvonne Hughes Bald Eagle District Kernel yhughes1@comcast.net
 Rick Morse
District Executive
570-326-5121 ext. 102
 Beth Bingeman
 Seven Bridges District Kernel bethbing@ptd.net 570-743-6020
Shane Zerbe District Executive shane.zerbe@scouting.org 570-326-5121 ext 100  

Testimonials: Selling De-e-e-licious Campmasters Popcorn, using Michael Beck's Program:

"Over the past two weekends the Troop is just under $5000.00 in Show-n-Sell sales.  Wahoo!"   - Rich Bird, Troop 38

"Michelle wanted me to email you about our AWESOME popcorn sales this past Saturday...making a grand total of $1115.00 + donations!!!" - Jaimee Fisher, Pack 3415

"Through generous contributions of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Milton's congregation, we sold $460.00 worth of popcorn in 30 minutes!  This is one chartered organization that wants to see their Scouts thrive!" - Jason Swallow, Pack 3623