Walking the Walk with Charles Dobbins

Charles Dobbins
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Charles Dobbins

Scout Executive
Chicago Area Council

Years With Scouting

28 years as a professional, three as a Boy Scout

Favorite Physical Activities:

Walking and golfing

About Me

I'm a Scout executive in Chicago, Illinois, and more important, a husband and father to two sons. I enjoy working and commuting and often don't find time for much else.

Why the BSA Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge Is Important to Me

Getting our youth outside and active has to be a priority. It is in their best interest and Scouting's best interest. For me personally, I need to do a better job making time for myself.

My Blog: Week 1

Being in San Diego for the National Meeting made the first three days activity a piece of cake. An early morning walk on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was both a way to be active and a way to explore the city and who couldn’t enjoy the weather. Saturday evening after I returned home from the National Meeting, I took a walk in the neighborhood. Monday was a holiday but after Sunday’s rain I was left with a long day of lawn mowing (walking), moving mulch and edging gardens—maybe the most activity all week (at least that is what my back was telling me on Monday night.)

I thought this challenge might be difficult to fit into my schedule but so far so good. With a little planning and a heightened awareness that I need to do some activity almost every day, I should easily be able to accomplish my goal.