Walking the Walk with David Roberts

David Roberts
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David Roberts

Senior Innovation Specialist
BSA Staff Employee

Years With Scouting

Not long at all, maybe six months? This is a really fun place to work, and I kind of wish that I could get into a “Way Back Machine” to participate in all of the fun stuff I am working on!

Favorite Physical Activities:

I am hoping to use the Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge to get in a few holes of golf. But I believe most of my activities will consist of both favorites (swimming, biking, lifting weights) and non-favorites (cutting the lawn and walking the dog after he has eaten dinner (yuck!)).

About Me

My name is David Roberts and I am a relative newcomer to the Boy Scouts of America. I am married with a 2-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old puppy. Although I have been living in Dallas for over 15 years, because I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C., area, I have a healthy (or some would say excessive) disdain for the dallas cowboys. I love college basketball, and my favorite team is the mighty Blue Devils from Duke University!

Why the BSA Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge Is Important to Me

I really believe that if adults truly believe in something, they should be willing to lead by example.

Something Interesting About Me

I am a Webelos “dropout”! I don’t exactly remember why, but sometime after my pinewood derby I dropped out of Webelos Scouts. It probably had something to do with sports, but learning about everything that I could have done in the Boy Scouts, I now wish I had continued into that program.

My Blog: Week 1

THURSDAY: Today is the first day of the BSA Adult Leadership Walk-The-Walk Activity Challenge and I am going to have to start it while attending the 2011 National Annual Meeting in San Diego. I have decided to use Grand Hyatt’s gym on the 4th Floor and much to my surprise it is VERY nice. I’ve decided to do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine as it is the only one with cable TV and I want to finish watching a news show on MSNBC. [INSERT SNARKY COMMENT HERE]

Okay, much to my surprise after the workout the gym has a refrigerator full of chilled eucalyptus infused washcloths …. OMG! These things are SO refreshing!

I loved them so much I partook in two of them… (okay, maybe three)…. Okay you got me, I used FOUR! But you would have too…. Alright, enough about the towels, the workout was great.

Decided to 30 minutes of weight training today, working on the upper body. Pretty good workout but my bench press was pretty disappointing. Ahhhhh, now to the eucalyptus infused washcloths! I will limit myself to only two this time.

FRIDAY: No activity today as I am spending a bunch of time at the exhibition booth. (You know, sorta doing what I am getting paid to do!) I am VERY bummed that I will not have a final chance to use the eucalyptus infused washcloths.

SATURDAY: Going to mow and trim the back yard. This is pretty depressing going from working out in the lap of luxury with eucalyptus infused washcloths to having to police the backyard for “little reminders” that my dog has deposited during his backyard romps. Okay, I know that is TMI but that is what blogs are for, right?

SUNDAY: Mowing and trimming the front yard which is much more pleasant as Pedro (our doggie) isn’t allowed here.

MONDAY: Holiday, no structured activity and loving it!

TUESDAY: Walked Pedro for about 45 minutes; we both enjoyed the activity but he seemed a bit bored as there weren’t too many other people, dogs and/or squirrels for him to bark at.

My Blog: Week 2

WEDNESDAY: I did absolutely nothing, man.

THURSDAY: Okay, I actually changed a tire and performed various housework activities for about 45 minutes. The PALA Online Activity Tracker doesn’t have “Change Tire With Antiquated Tire Iron and Jack” so I will had to choose “Housework”.

FRIDAY: Swam 30 laps at the gym! Yeah! I absolutely LOVE swimming…

SATURDAY: Me and my trusty activity partner, Lonnie The Lawnmower, cut the front yard in about 95 degree heat.

SUNDAY: Decided to weed our rose garden, and that led to weeding the two front gardens which led to spraying weed killer…. All in 95 degree heat. Well, the good news is that at least it wasn’t 100 degrees!

MONDAY: Decided to cut the crabgrass uhhhh, I mean grass in the backyard. Check out the pictures below; via today’s top-notch high tech turf incising machinery (aka a lawnmower) the crabgrass was eradicated completely… or at least until the next lawn cutting!

My Blog: Week 3

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: Major case of the “blah’s” and did absolutely nothing! Now I have to be active for 5 straight days to not lose this week.

FRIDAY: Still feeling a bit lazy but I need this day to not lose the week. Come on Pedro, lets go for a walk!

SATURDAY: Went to the gym and lifted weights with my wife, Ellie. Pretty good work out and surprisingly Ellie is really starting to enjoy weight training!

SUNDAY: I traveled to Midland, Texas on business and much to my surprise the hotel has an agreement with the local Golds Gym to let residents use their facilities for free! Got in a pretty good lower body weight training session on some really nice equipment. Pretty nice surprise!

MONDAY: This is funny; I went out to cut the front lawn but I just couldn’t do it because it was a little over 100 degrees. While I contemplated how to get my activity in I saw some boxes in my garage that needed to be moved. After I moved them I saw that I needed to clear more space in the corner. One thing led to another and 45 minutes later I was done, and had completed my “Housecleaning” activity for the day!

TUESDAY: Need one more day of activity, so what do I do? The same as in weeks past, I decided to cut the crabgrass uhhhh, I mean grass in the backyard!

My Blog: Week 5

Wow, the last two weeks have been very busy both at work and at home. Successfully fitting in my activity has been a challenge, but once I started my specific activity it was all good! (Especially my swimming, I’m up to about 36 laps in about 45 minutes)

The last two weeks my activity specifically consisted of cutting my lawn, walking Pedro, lifting weights with Eli and swimming. Hopefully next week I will be able to blog with more detail...