Walking the Walk with David Tate

David Tate
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David Tate

Chief Financial Officer
Greater New York Councils

Years With Scouting

25 as a professional, 40 years total this October.

Favorite Physical Activities:

Mountain Bike riding, golf & geocaching. (Walking might not be a favorite, but it is something New Yorkers do a lot of as well!)

About Me

Life member of NESA, live on the Upper East Side of NYC.

Why the BSA Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge Is Important to Me

After I moved to NYC, the stress of my new position and the total change in lifestyle from living in CA contributed to me gaining 25 pounds on top of already being overweight. The Naturally Slim helped my lose 40 pounds and Walk the Walk will help me loose even more. I also think it is important that senior leadership at all levels of the organization set an example of personal health for our staff, volunteers and youth members.

Something Interesting About Me

In 1977 on the way to the Jamboree, I visited NYC. If you would have told that 14 year old boy he would ever live and work in this place, he would have never believed you. The Scouting Profession has given my opportunities that most of my friends never get from their occupation.

My Blog: 5/26/11 - 5/27/11

With early morning conference breakfasts and an East Coast office that starts 3 hours earlier, I didn't get any physical activity until a 30 minute walk along the harbor in the afternoon.

My Blog: 5/29/11

Enjoyed a beautiful walk in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains above my hometown of Canby Oregon.

My Blog: 5/30/11 - 5/31/11

40 minute walk around the hotel in the morning before spending the day with family.

My Blog: 6/1/11

Early morning flight and a late night prepping for a Thursday morning breakfast meeting back in NYC left me little opportunities. However, a flight delay during my lay over at O'Hare gave me 30 minutes to walk the C concourse. Not great physical activity, but better than nothing!!!

My Blog: 6/2/11

First morning I woke up in my own bed in over a week. Had a great walk in Central Park to kick off a busy "first day" back in the office.

My Blog: 6/3/11

A little more energy this morning, so I did a jog instead of a walk. Felt great!

My Blog: 6/4/11

The website doesn't have a category for "carrying tent platforms in and out of campsites" as an approved exercise, but that's what I did along with all my GNYC staff friends. Great day of service for the Scouts coming to Ten Mile River this summer!

My Blog: 6/5/11-6/7/11

At Financial & Fiscal Symposium in Annapolis. Rode the stationary bike in the workout room. I HATE exercising inside, but the hotel was in the middle of a shopping center and just not a fun place to be outside. At least I did something.

Special Note: I have developed a new respect for those in the profession that are one the road much of the time. It's hard to make time to get 30 minutes in each day. Not to mention the food…

My Blog: 6/9/11

Played golf are Area 7 (and 2 /6) conference at West Point. Used a cart – it was in the 90's both temperature and humidity. Couldn't drink enough water to stay cool. Charlie says it was the best round of golf he's seen me play. Maybe I just need the inspiration of the 19th hole…

My Blog: 6/10/11

Evening walk in Central Park after getting home from conference. Almost as beautiful as in the morning…

My Blog: 6/11/11

New Yorker's walk everywhere. For me, that also includes my shopping trip to Target & Costco. I have a "little old lady" cart with wheels to bring home my purchases, but I challenge my suburban friends to think about walking to Costco next weekend instead of driving.

My Blog: 6/12/11

Walked to a special all day class at the Manhattan School of Practical Philosophy studying the trail of Socrates from Plato's" Apology". Could have just as easily been church, synagogue or visiting family. Do we always need to drive or ride the subway?

My Blog: 6/13/11-6/15/11

Morning jogging in Central Park. Moved from the jogging path around Jackie Kennedy Onassis lake to the Bridal Path in the same area for a few extra minutes of workout.

My Blog: 6/17/11

Skipped yesterday, so I really needed to get out today. The problem was I woke up to thunder and lighting. Not very common at sunrise. So I had a cup of coffee, then headed out after the storm had passed. The smell of all the trees in Central Park just after a rain is wonderful!!!

My Blog: 6/20/11-6/21/11

Walking in the neighborhood. Shopping mostly, but also attended my class. About an hour of walking each day.

My Blog: 6/22/11-6/24/11

Was helping a friend pack and move. Long days on my feet with lots of walking and lifting.

My Blog: 6/25/11

Did another 30 minute terminal walk at LAX on a travel day.

My Blog: 6/26/11-6/27/11

Back to my regular jog in Central Park.

My Blog: 6/29/11-7/1/11

Morning jog in Central Park. The humidity is starting to build…

My Blog: 7/2/11

Enjoyed a long like in Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey with a good friend and his daughter.

My Blog: 7/3/11

Got a little geocaching in – it's been quite a while.

My Blog: 7/4/11

Walked to the office for a few hours of work.

My Blog: 7/5/11

Back to Central Park in the morning.

My Blog: 7/6/11 to 7/8/11

My blog looks pretty boring the last few entries. Well, sometimes it's like that. Doing the same 40 minute jog in Central Park could be seen as boring. Some days I'm excited to get up and going. Other days it's a struggle.

It's the people and dog watching that really makes this such a great jog. This morning, I encountered a dog walker (wealthy New Yorkers hired people to walk their dog for them) with 13 dogs. The smallest was a Yorkshire Terrier, the largest a full standard Poodle. The dogs were going every which way, leashes tangled among each other, sniffing the ground and doing what every dog does on a walk. Not only was this women calm, but she was actually talking on her cell phone while being in "the eye of storm"! We need her to teach a class on multitasking at Top Hands!

My Blog: 7/9/11

A great day of urban geocaching. Left the apartment at 7:00 am and took the subway to Battery Park. Walked the Finance District, then to the World Trade Center, then back across Manhattan to City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, then the East River Waterfront Area. Then up the East River to 34th Street and a subway ride back to the apartment. GREAT DAY!!!

My Blog: 7/10/11

Weekend run to Target & Costco.

My Blog: 7/11/11 to 7/14/11

back to Central Park jogging…

My Blog: 7/15/11

My first injury report. Last night I kicked my cat Lucky in the middle of the night while he was sleeping at my feet. It frightened & startled him and he scratched the bottom of my right foot. Got up and cleaned it good, but it was pretty sore this morning, so I skipped my run…

My Blog: 7/17/11

Went to Princeton for the weekend. Started Sat with a walk along the Delaware Canal and a little geocaching. Beautiful and peaceful to be out on an early morning. Foot is sore after my hike from the cat attack.

My Blog: 7/18/11

Short walk today. Foot still sore, so I'm taking it easy.

My Blog: 7/19/11 - 7/21/11

Back to my Central Park routine. Foot still a little soar, but it's the heat that is really slowing me down. Got to love summer in the city!