Walking the Walk with Janice Overton

Janice Overton
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Janice Overton

Administrative Assistant
BSA Staff Employee

Years With Scouting

I have been in Boy Scouts for 25 years and with Girl Scouts (as a volunteer with my kids) 10 years prior to that.

Favorite Physical Activities:

Walking and swimming

About Me

I have five grandchildren. The last two were surprises. I am an avid quilter and love the outdoors. I am an active member of the National Council's Venturing Crew 425 and love being with all the kids involved. I camp all year round either with or without the crew. I also love books on CD.

Why the BSA Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge Is Important to Me

I am a very private person and I think the people who know me realize that. I would like to help “encourage” others to join so they can see exercise is not a drudge, but something you do every day. You just need to enhance it a little bit.

Something Interesting About Me

I know too many people at the national office, so nobody is safe when we get queries about who does what.

My Blog: Week 3

First: I have lost inches and not pounds with this program.

Lawn Mowing

To diversity my activity, besides walking and household duties, I started mowing our yards.

BUT – first – you always have to trim the hedges. We have holly bushes around three sides of our house. “Keeps the burgulars away.” Have you ever tried to reach over the top of 5 foot holly bushes. Yep – you got it. Stickers galore. The electric clippers only work so good on most of the growth and then you have to use the manual clippers. This is a real exciting thing when you nip and scratch your arm from the sting. Then you have to rake these up and put them in the compost pile. Thank goodness for gloves that have leather inserts.

The most fun is when you are trimming the other side of the house and there are wasp and other funny looking things in the tops of the bushes – birds. They seem to like bats that come at you from everywhere. The nandinas are the worse. They are so thick, burglars could hide in them and never find their way out. All the bird nest, wasp nest, and leaves that are embedded in them good compost, but a lot of work. I just put all this stuff down and mow it with the grass.

The front yard has 3 large trees, including a china berry, mulberry, and a pecan. With the lack of rain, the trees are shedding like crazy. With the mowers that mulch as you go, and your grass gets a little bit tall, the lawn mower and me are working extra hard. My front yard is on a slope and everything seems to blow into the south corner of the yard. I have a new neighbor, and our yards join each other. He thinks mowing is something you do when you get around to it. So – when I mow – I mow part of his yard so he “has to” mow his or get embarrassed. That gives me more mulch to rake up and put in the compost pile. It also adds to the “fun” of mowing.


After talking to several people about me and my 2 friends terrorizing the neighborhood, we have changed our route. The heat is a lot more tolerable late in the evening when there is shade trees and water. We have taken to the lake edge. It takes a few minutes to get in the car and go over to the “lake” and walk around the park there, but we have made lots of new friends – four legged and two legged.

Our first time out at the lake, the route was not the usual, so we had to measure it off. It is a little more than ¼ mile and nearly ¾ shade trees. That encourages us to walker slower the first time around so as to mark our territory. Second time around we do much better and go much faster. I almost wish there was someway to connect a motor of some type to our speed and generate electricity for a fan or something. That would be a great savings.

As we journey farther into our lake side walking, we have discovered that we can hustle along the shore and get wet. That is so nice toward the end of the walk and then you can walk it off in about 5 minutes and be completely dry and cool.

Some of our new friends have enticed us to go to the doggy park and job around the edge of the there. Unfortunately, there is no shade at all and the fence post are too close together. With the daylight staying longer in the evening and more breeze at the lake, it is really enjoyable to be near the water. Everyone should try this. “Try It – you’ll like it.”

Home Repair

I am a big believer in decorating for Christmas. Issue is that after Christmas every year I go out and purchase too many items for Christmas the next year and have to find places to put them in the summer – not when I purchase them. The process of converting 60 large rubber tubs to shelving and closed in cabinets, proved to be a bigger task than planned. By the time you move the bicycles out of the garage, the lawn mowers, edgers, extra camping gear, etc. – you can see where this is going – it is like moving. Then you have 60 tubs out on the outside and the neighbors come over and say – are we moving. Anyrate, I learned that wood, brackets, and cabinets are not cheap nor easy to come by when you are on a limited budget.

The DAV in Irving is a great source for all this stuff.

Of course, when it came to work, I had help, my wonderful husband. He would work about 20 minutes, cool for 15. Visit with the neighbors and then go back to work. Hence the time of work was drastically reduced on someone’s part. Once the shelving was ready to go, that meant sanding and painting. We then went about the process of installing cabinets and some counter type-tops. Shutters make great doors, but they are the devil to sand and paint. Drying is not the issue, those little slots are the devil to get even with paint without drops running through on the other side.

Once they were up, the unloading started. Yep – you are right. Not all the 60 tubs would fit in the space I had allotted. So it looks like we are back to the salvage places and the DAV.