Walking the Walk with Nathan Rosenberg

Nathan Rosenberg
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Nathan Rosenberg

BSA Volunteer
Orange County, California

Years With Scouting

As a boy, I was a Scout for four years and earned the Life rank. I was an Explorer for another year. I started volunteering with the National Council in the early '90s and joined my council board shortly thereafter.

Favorite Physical Activities:

Running. Hiking with my wife and dog. Pilates and exercise class with my wife. Surfing. Swimming. Stand-up paddling. Snorkeling.

About Me

I have the best job in the world. I work with smart, effective executives in some of the world’s best companies who are committed to causing required, but unlikely, accomplishments. The cream usually does rise to the top in business, and it is a privilege to work with great people. I have a great family (Karen, five adult kids, and a dog), am madly in love with my wife and live in a delightful town, Laguna Beach. I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and was a naval aviator. I am committed to serving and making a difference.

Why the BSA Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge Is Important to Me

I am just turning 59 and find myself frustrated about my physical state. While I realize that this is an immature response to growing older, I am a lifelong athlete who can’t do some of the things that I used to do. I am about seven pounds heavy; my cholesterol is creeping up; I am recovering from a skiing injury that I sustained last month. I view the BSA Adult Leadership Walk-the-Walk Activity Challenge to do what I want to do and get into better shape and drop those extra pounds.

Something Interesting About Me

Our management consulting firm, Insigniam Performance, has donated its services to the Boy Scouts of America for the last three years.

My Blog: Week 3

Boy, am I slow. No, I don’t mean my running speed (more on that below). I mean getting myself set up on The President’s Challenge Website. After missing some critical emails with usernames and passwords, I finally got onto the website and entered all of my activity for the passed two weeks. The website, http://www.presidentschallenge.org/, is really well done. Unfortunately, the site won’t allow me to enter anything previous to 6 June, so that is the beginning of my 6 weeks, unless I find a work around.

I started out with walking as my main activity. The week of the national meeting, I took the train from Irvine to San Diego and back each day. The walk from the San Diego train station to the hotel was 15 minutes, so the round trip gave me 30 minutes each day. Plus I found a great local place to get coffee on the walk.

On Saturdays, Karen and I go to YogaWorks in Laguna Beach and do this fabulous circuit class together. There are elastic bands and ropes attached to the walls and slippery discs to use on the floors. It is an intense 55 minutes of arms and legs and core exercises with some cardio.

On Sunday, we are back at YogaWorks for pilates mat class. I am convinced that Joseph Pilates was a genius; the exercise system that he invented is amazing. The focus of the exercises is on abs, shoulders, butt, and traps. While the class is mostly women, it is a great workout for guys. I have never used the reformer machines; the mat class works fine for me.

Now onto running. I injured my knee during spring skiing. So I had been limiting myself to walking. After I went to the doctor and he told me to do whatever I wanted, I was walking for about 20 minutes or so and then jogging for 10 minutes. Last week, I was in Racine and found a road near the Marriott with bike lanes on both sides. I went out and walked for 15 minutes and then ran at about an 8:10 minute per mile pace for 15 minutes. I iced my knee, when I got back to my hotel room. The next morning I woke up with no pain, so I ran for 25 minutes and covered almost 3 miles. Today, back at home, I did the same thing at the high school track with no problems. So I think I am back. I love running and have missed it.

By the way, I am down to 189 pounds from 195 when we started the challenge. I have 4 more to go to meet my target.

My Blog: Week 5

Let me tell you about stand up paddling (SUPing). It is the bomb in Laguna Beach.

A few years ago, I took a surf lesson from Titus Kinimaka, a legendary big wave surfer from Kauai. While I was on a regular board, Titus was standing on a longer, wider board that he propelled and steered with a long handled paddle. He looked like an ancient Hawaiian chief surfing the waves. I was so inspired by him.

Last year, Karen and I were at the home of some friends in Hawaii. They have a couple of SUP boards and live on a relatively calm cove. We went out on the boards and were hooked. Standing over the water gave us a perspective that blew us away—turtles and coral and fish to be seen with the sun on our backs and the breeze in our hair.

Then we went out in Laguna on a friend’s board and bombed (not the bomb). I fell into the icy water every time that I stood up. I felt like a failure and wasn’t very interested in SUPing anymore.

Then on a recent trip to the Big Island, we signed up for lessons with Renee from Hulakai and remembered why we loved this sport so much: great exercise, fun, close to nature and a great chance to be together! I realized the our local friend’s boards were just too light to support me. We SUPed every day in Hawaii and had a great wonderful time.

When we got home, we bought two boards and a new board rack. Newport Beach has an incredible facility for aquatic sports, the Newport Aquatics Center, on the Back Bay, a pretty flat stretch of water loaded that is also a bird sanctuary. It was a great place for Karen and me to practice and build up our confidence. Several times we went with our friends and with my son and daughter-in-law. (He paddles on Lake Las Vegas.)

On Independence Day, we struck a blow for freedom and went back to the ocean. It was a beautiful day with little wind nor waves. We launch from Fisherman’s Cove, paddled out over the kelp bed and headed north. We paddled passed Seal Rocks up to Emerald Bay, back down to Diver’s Cove and into Fisherman’s Cove. It was glorious. The seals swam right passed up. The sea lions barked and snorted. Visibility was about 20 feet; we could see fish and down into the kelp forest off our beaches. And I only fell 4 times.

SUPing is a great exercise. I combines good cardio with plenty of core strengthening. For us baby boomers, it is close to a perfect exercise. I wish you good paddling!