Walking the Walk with Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman
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Ron Coleman

BSA Volunteer
Atlanta, GA

Years With Scouting

I have been an adult volunteer in Scouting for 26 years.

Favorite Physical Activities:

My favorite physical activities are jogging, weight training and climbing Georgia's famous Stone Mountain.

Something Interesting About Me

As a youth, I spent one year in Scouting with Troop 553 in Chicago, Ill. My Scoutmaster, Rev. Artes Phillips, still lives on Chicago's south side and he and I talk often.

My Blog: Week 1

MONDAY: Walked two miles in Georgia's oppressing 95 degree heat.

TUESDAY: Worked out at Coca-Cola's Health Works club. Did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine, 20 minutes of weights and 10 minutes stretching.

WEDNESDAY: At Health Works I walked 2 miles (20 minutes) outside and did 20 minutes of weight training.

THURSDAY: Again at Health Works, walked 2 miles (20 minutes in 95 degree heat) and 20 minutes of weights.

FRIDAY: Walked 2 miles.

My Blog: Week 2

Here's my activity for last week (June 5-11), mostly at "Coca-Cola Healthworks."

SATURDAY: 25 minutes of elliptical work; 20 minutes of weight training; 15 minutes of stretching.

MONDAY: 25 minutes of elliptical training; 20 minutes of weights; 15 minutes of punching on the heavy bag.

TUESDAY: 25 minute walk (2 and one-half miles) around track in scorching heat; 25 minutes of weights; 15 minutes on heavy bag.

WEDNESDAY: 2 and one-half hours of home front yard work. This included cutting grass; cleaning off garage roof; cutting ivy away from four dogwoord trees; using weed trimmer to shape up aound flower garden and bushes. Outside temperature was 95 degrees which made this activity more exhausting than the gym workouts. I drank lots of water.

My Blog: Week 3

SUNDAY: Thirty minute walk in neighborhood.

TUESDAY: 25 minutes on elliptical machine at Coca-Cola "Healthworks." 20 minutes of weight training.

THURSDAY: 25 minute walk around outdoor track at "Healthworks." 20 minutes on weights. 15 minute workout on heavy boxing bag

FRIDAY: 4 hours of landscaping and yardwork. Including one hour of clearing away debris from 4 fallen trees that had been cut up and hauled away.

My Blog: Week 5

I am currently in Asia, so blogging is very difficult. I am being active and will update when I return!

My Blog: June-July

June 20: After traveling over 30 hours (including a stopover in Moscow, Russia), I did a 2 mile walk inside the Singapore Airport. I still had another 10 hours to go before reaching my final destination, Bali, Indonesia, and the walk helped me to stay awake.

June 22: Two mile walk/run along the beach in Bali.

June 23: Another two mile walk along beach in Bali.

June 25: Now in Siem Reap, Cambodia, walked four miles through the ancient Ankor Wat temples.

June 26: Walked two and one-half miles through bustling but beautiful streets of Siem Reap.

June 28: Now in Hanoi, North Vietnam, walked three miles around picturesque lake in downtown Hanoi.

June 30: Made it to Singapore. Walked and toured downtown Singapore, one of the most modern and beautiful cities I have ever experienced.

July 2: More walking in Singapore a little more than two miles.

July 3: One mile walk in Singpore's massive airport.

July 6: Still recovering from 28 hours of travel and jet lag, did a leisure two-mile walk around high school track.

July 8: Full workout at Coca-Cola Healthworks. 20 minutes of weight training and 25 minutes on elliptical machine.

July 12: Back at Coca-Cola for 25 minutes of weight training, 20 minutes on elliptical machine and 10 minute walk (three-quarters of a mile) in hot, humid weather.

July 15: Thirty minute, two-and-one half mile walk around outdoor track at Coca-Cola.

July 18: Great workout at high school track. Ran two miles. Did eight 100 yard wind sprints. And hit (about 15 minutes) the football tackling dummies.

July 20: Walked two miles at Coca-Cola. 20 minutes of weight training, and pounded on heavy bag for another 10 minutes.

July 22: Elliptical machine for 30 minutes. 20 minutes of weight training.

July 25: Back at high school track for three mile run (about thirty minutes).

July 27: 20 minute walk around outdoor track at Coca-Cola.