Planning a Historical Merit Badge Camporee

Remind participants that it may not be possible for a Scout to complete all of the requirements at one special event. Make sure Scouts have their blue merit badge cards with clear indications on what has been successfully completed and the names and contact information for counselors who will help them complete their work. It is important to give them a taste of what the merit badges are all about, introduce them to counselors for the historical merit badges, and hopefully whet their appetite for wanting to complete the merit badge.

Group activity: Divide the participants into four groups. Provide each group with a complete list of requirements for one of the four merit badges. Give the groups the following assignment:

You are on the planning committee for a district camporee. Scouts will rotate through round-robin style during the day on Saturday, spending 90 minutes at each activity area, each of which represents the four historical merit badges. Review the requirements for your designated merit badge, and then decide what activities could be planned to get the Scouts started on the merit badge and introduce them to the subject matter. Time: You have 10 minutes for discussion. Someone from your group will then present a summary of the ideas to the larger group.