Securing Merit Badge Counselors

Each unit, district, and council will be encouraged to identify qualified counselors for the badges, who should be registered to work with Scouts on these four historical badges. While it might be possible to put out an appeal for qualified individuals, it might be wiser for the advancement committees to recruit specific people who are currently engaged as counselors for similar merit badges.

Group activity: List the four historical merit badges on the chalkboard, whiteboard, or flip chart. Ask participants to suggest other merit badges with similar requirements whose counselors might also serve as counselors for the four historical merit badges. Examples might include:

  • Carpentry—Home Repairs, Woodwork
  • Pathfinding—American Heritage, Emergency Preparedness, Wilderness Survival
  • Signaling—Communication, Emergency Preparedness, Radio
  • Tracking—Citizenship in the Community, Orienteering

Another idea might be to contact some local groups to see if they can offer ongoing support for one of the merit badges.

Group Activity: Have participants brainstorm ideas for organizations or groups that could be contacted for possible assist with each of the four merit badges.

  • Carpentry—Contact your local carpenters’ union or a cabinet-making business to see if they could commit time and resources during 2010.
  • Pathfinding—Work with your local Homeland Security office. Several of the requirements fit the Homeland Security safety tips and programs.
  • Signaling—Work with local amateur ham radio groups. Some of these groups may already participate in the annual Jamboree on the Air.
  • Tracking—Contact state departments of natural resources or wildlife.

Remind participants that the groups approached may turn out to be great resources that can be utilized for years to come, with potential impact on all three traditional programs as well as Friends of Scouting.