Job Description of National Venturing President

  1. Represents Venturing at:
    • National meetings (when designated)
    • Regional activities and meetings (when designated)
    • International activities and meetings (when designated)
    • Council activities (when invited)
    • Special projects/task forces (as assigned)
  2. Serves as youth Venturing president on the regional program committee and/or the regional board if so desired by the regional director.
  3. Mandatory attendance at the National Youth Cabinet orientation.
  4. Responsible to the staff member assigned by the region.
  5. Attends and participates in regional and national meetings and activities as requested and approved by the Youth Development Team, Chief Scout Executive, or regional director.
  6. Attends regional, area, and council meetings and activities when invited and on approval of the regional director.
  7. Assists councils with Venturing activities, upon the request of the region.
  8. Supports the region in any effort to train council Venturing officers and Advisors.
  9. Promotes national, regional, and area activities, programs, and awards.
  10. Serves in a leadership role for any national event as assigned by the National Youth President and Youth Development staff.
  11. Agrees to wear the Venturing uniform and identify items as suggested by the regional staff.
  12. Agrees to resign from office if requested by the regional director.