Tips for Celebrating National Family Week

Tips for Celebrating National Family Week
and Making Connections Count

Participate in National Family Week. Start with Thanksgiving week, November 20-26, and honor the connections you have with your family and community.

  • Get involved. Participate in local National Family Week activities.
  • Extend your family. Plan a "family supper" with your neighbors or help in a neighborhood improvement effort.
  • Thank those who help. Write a thank-you note to someone who helps your family, such as a day-care provider or someone who assists you with errands.
    • Your "connections"—whether family, friends, or neighbors—make your family's life easier. Day-care providers, people who help you with errands, next-door neighbors, or your special friends all deserve a thank-you during National Family Week.
    • Keep it simple and speak from your heart. Your letter doesn't have to be long, complex, or even typed. Write a simple note, but be specific and think of what you might like to receive in a thank-you letter. For example, consider beginning the thank-you: "Do you know what I appreciate most about you?" or "I like it when you..."
    • Write now! National Family Week is a great time to get started. Once the first letter is finished, you may find writing thank-you letters to those who help make your life less hectic is a year-round activity.
  • Be a volunteer. Volunteer your time with a nonprofit organization on projects that benefit your community.
  • Connect with the community. Select an issue in your community important to your family, contact local officials, and ask how to get involved.
  • Take it to work. Encourage employers to consider family-friendly work options, such as flexible hours and time off to attend school functions.

For more information, additional resources, and a list of National Family Week activities taking place nationwide, visit

National Family Week: Connections Count is a nationwide collaboration made possible by the Alliance for Children and Families and the generous support of The Annie E. Casey Foundation.