Boy Scouts of America Kicks Off Popcorn Fund-Raisers This Fall!


Boy Scouts of America Kicks Off Popcorn Fund-Raisers This Fall!

This fall, Boy Scouts in almost every community will kick off their annual popcorn sale. This annual fund-raiser aligns with one of the goals of Scouting—to teach youth within the organization how to become self-reliant. Through this popcorn sale and other fund-raising projects, we have the opportunity to teach Scouts how they—along with the combined efforts of other Scouts—can help make the world a better place.

The safety of any products sold by Boy Scouts is of utmost importance to us. Recently, there have been safety concerns raised about popcorn brands that use diacetyl for flavoring, a common ingredient in many pastries, cake mixes, cookies, and candy.

You can rest assured that popcorn sold by Scouts across the country is safe. We have contacted the Boy Scouts' popcorn suppliers and each company follows all USDA and FDA safety guidelines to produce foods that are safe for consumption. Also, all companies have voluntarily started removing diacetyl from their products.

As one of the organization's most popular fund-raisers, the popcorn sale supports local units' Scouting throughout the year. Last year, over 70 percent of the fund-raiser's proceeds stayed within local councils. Of that amount, one-third of a council's proceeds went directly to the units that soldpopcorn to fund their local programs and activities.