President Bush Calls on Scouts to Aid the Children of Afghanistan


President Bush Calls on Scouts to Aid the Children of Afghanistan

Irving, Texas, October 12, 2001—In response to President George W. Bush's call for Scouts to earn or give funds to aid the children of Afghanistan, the Boy Scouts of America has announced its full endorsement of America's Fund for Afghan Children.

"The BSA has a proud tradition of service to the nation, and we are proud to assist in this special relief effort," says BSA Chief Scout Executive Roy L. Williams.

During his October 11 White House news conference, Bush called for each child in America to earn or give $1 to be used for providing food and medical help for the children of Afghanistan.

"This is an opportunity to help others, while teaching our own children a valuable lesson about service and character," he said. "I hope school classes, Boys and Girl Scout troops, or other youth organizations will participate in any way to raise the money to send to the children."

Williams says the effort will be an important educational opportunity for Scouts and will help support the values in the Scout Oath and Law.

"I think it's important for Scouts to understand that we are not at war with a country, or a people. Service to our nation, and to other people, is still one of the most important lessons we impart in our movement," says Williams.

This is not the first time the BSA has stepped forward in service to the nation. During World War II, the Scouts collected almost two billion pounds of metal, rubber, and other materials for the war effort. In addition, Scouts sold more than $1.957 billion in war bonds.

Recently, Scouts completed more than 200 million hours of community service while working with America's Promise. Since the tragedies of September 11, Scouts have supported hundreds of local efforts to assist those in need.

Chartered by Congress in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has more than 4.5 youth members and volunteers across the nation.

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