Cradle of Liberty Council


The Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America has issued a statement affirming that it will carry out all the policies as set forth by the National Council. The council made this statement to clarify any misconceptions that may have arisen during the BSA National Annual Meeting held May 28-30.

Earlier in May, the Cradle of Liberty Council submitted a non-discrimination disclosure statement to the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. This non-discrimination disclosure addressed the use of United Way funds in the Learning for Life program. These are the only funds the council receives from the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Learning for Life program, working through schools, businesses, and other community organizations, delivers values-based programs to thousands of children. Learning for Life is not a membership program, and selection of the adults who deliver the program is up to the sponsoring institution.

Cradle of Liberty Council President David Lipson has expressed disagreement with the BSA's membership policies, as is his right. BSA members are free to hold their own opinions, but we ask that they respect the values of the organization and abide by its policies, which they have agreed to by becoming members.


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