Healthy Halloween Tips


Healthy Halloween Tips

Safety First: Halloween costumes should be made of flame-retardant material and have some kind of reflective markings or tape. Make sure your child's costume does not drag on the ground and that their shoes properly fit (it doesn't matter if they don't match the costume!). Start your evening while the sun is still up to reduce after-dark time spent crossing streets. Remind your child to always go with a buddy on any outing, and to take a flashlight.

Start the night healthy: Feed your kids a healthy meal prior to going trick-or-treating. Your children will be happier, and it will help reduce the temptation of kids wanting to devour candy from the first trick-or-treat stop.

Skip the sweet stuff: Try giving trick-or-treaters a tasty, yet nutritious, alternative such as single-serving packets of peanuts, cashews or mixed nuts; individually-wrapped string cheese snacks; sugar-free gum; or sugar-free hard candy. Furthermore, non-food items such as party favors (yo-yos, glow sticks, stickers, etc.) make a fun treat as well.

Inspect your treats for tricks: Before eating candy, have an adult check all the wrappers for evidence of tampering. Never eat homemade or unwrapped treats. Also, remove treats that may not be age-appropriate. Young children may choke on things like hard candy or peanuts.

Limit Consumption: Don't let your child eat all their Halloween candy at once! Keep your child's candy in a safe and hidden place and let your child have their candy at the times and in the amounts you are comfortable with.

Avoid Animal Bites: Be sure your children know to stay away from and don't pet animals they don't know. Should a animal, such as a dog, approach your child, instruct them to stay calm, remain still and stand up straight with their hands down. Tell them not to try and scare the animal away or show fear, but to wait until the animal leaves and quietly walk away. Do not run away.

Remember to brush: Brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating food high in sugar and carbohydrates, especially sticky, gummy foods like caramel candies and raisins.

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