Family FUN of Scouting!
By Gerald I. Lawhorn, Founder of ScoutParents
The Boy Scouts of America endeavors to provide your family, friends and their friends
the opportunity for each of You to participate in Scouting adventure activities,
outdoor and indoor learning, achievements, volunteering and leadership.

The GREAT Family FUN of Scouting Experience!
If You do choose to Make It SO!, I promise You on my Boy Scout Honor that
You and your family will obtain GREAT values, benefits, experiences and rewards!
This will truly enhance your lives!
As well as other lives in your life!
As well as other lives after your life!
Family FUN of Scouting!
Great Rewards!
Make It SO!

Scoutmaster Mr. g
Mr. g's Definition of "it" is
You, a Dedicated Scout and Scouter!
Your Family FUN of Scouting Experience!
The ScoutParents Vision, Mission and Action Plan!
Your Love and Appreciation for the Boy Scouts of America and God!