BSA Family Award


Offers activities to help strengthen all families—whether two-parent, single-parent, or nontraditional; this program helps families accomplish worthy goals while building and strengthening relationships among family members .

Who Can Earn This Award?

All family members are encouraged to participate and may earn the award.

How To Get the Award

Notify the Cubmaster or committee chair.

Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement

Certificate, patchs, and pins may be worn by Cub Scouts on patch vest.

Supply/BIN Item Number

Certificate, No. 33710; Shaping Your Family Identity patch, No. 18094, and pin, No. 14254; Developing Personal Skills patch, No. 18095, and pin, No. 14355; Building a Family Team patch, No. 18096, and pin, No. 14356; Connecting With Your Community patch, No. 18097, and pin, No. 14353; Facing Family Challenges patch, No. 18098, and pin, No. 14352

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