This overview of the benefits currently offered by the Boy Scouts of America is not intended to be complete or legally binding and may vary between councils. A more complete description of the benefits currently offered is set forth in the summary plan description contained in the Boy Scouts of America Employee Benefits Handbook. In addition, note that all benefit plans may be amended, modified, suspended, or terminated in whole or in part at any time by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America.

The local councils of the Boy Scouts of America offer a multitude of benefits for professionals. The benefits offered are considered to be among the best in the nonprofit sector. The packages offered by the Boy Scouts of America and its local councils include major medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage in addition to long-term disability, accident, and life insurance, and retirement plans.

Starting Pay

The minimum starting salary for a professional Scouter in a beginning management position is more than $35,500. Annual salary increases are based on an individual's contributions and overall performance.


The BSA Medical Plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and prescriptions.


The BSA Dental Assistance Plan is designed to provide assistance with the covered dental expenses. An optional Preferred Dentist Program is also available.


The BSA Vision Care Plan is designed to encourage employees and eligible dependents to take advantage of one complete eye exam every 12 months. Employees may also enroll in the hardware program.

Long-Term Disability Plan

The BSA Long-Term Disability Plan covers an employee 24 hours a day for disability sustained on or off the job. If approved, the employee would receive 60 percent of monthly income minus income from other sources.

Group Life Insurance

The BSA Group Life Insurance Plan provides for Basic Life of 1x salary, Optional Life up to 6x salary, and Dependent Life Insurance for eligible dependents. The policy is a term life policy with no cash value.

Group Accident Insurance

The BSA Group Accident Insurance Plan provides a benefit when a loss is sustained as a result of accidental death or bodily injury, anywhere in the world, on or off the job.

Scout Executives' Alliance

The BSA Scout Executives' Alliance is a fellowship fund conceived and administered by professional Scouters. The fund is fully insured through a term life policy with no cash value.

Retirement Plan

The BSA continues to offer a defined benefit plan that provides for a lifetime income based upon salary and years of credited benefit service. Employees are eligible to enter the plan after one year of employment and become vested after five years of eligible service.

Tax-Deferred Annuities

Tax-deferred annuities are also available as an option for employees. These plans provide a tax advantage for employees while working and supplement their incomes at retirement.