Good Turn For America: The Commissioner Role

Frances Hensen, Council Commissioner, Baltimore Area Council

Boy Scout Slogan:
Do a good turn daily.

Good Turn for America

  • Multi-Year Initiative
  • Supports Council Community Service Projects related to:
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Health Needs

What are our Goals of Good Turn for America?

  • To inspire youth and adult leaders in and out of Scouting to higher levels of service and volunteerism
  • To provide additional program experiences to help youth members learn qualities of good citizenship and gain a sense of belonging to and being needed in their communities.
  • To build service collaborations with community organizations across every community in the country
  • To heighten our nation's awareness of BSA's service commitment to all communities and citizens.

Who Should Make This Happen?

Local Council and District program people. For example:

  • Activities Committees
  • Civic Service Committees
  • Council Marketing Committee

Role of the Commissioner

  • Encourage units as part of a balanced unit program
  • Help units learn qualities of good citizenship
  • Show unit leaders how a "good turn" can help achieve rank advancement and other awards
  • Share ideas and plans at Roundtables
  • Use these projects to strengthen relationships between units and Chartered Partners

Commissioners should coach Unit Leaders to:

  • Participate in Council and District Good Turn for America activities
  • Incorporate the Good Turn for America in Unit's Program Plans
  • Consider adding community service projects

Unit Leaders can:

  • Receive recognition for their Units:
  • Coordinate promotional efforts with Council and District

In the Baltimore Area Council

  • Scouting for Food