Wolf Cub Scout Den Meeting Plans

Den meeting plans are developed around a Scouting program year that is presumed to begin in early September and continue through May, at which time Cub Scouts would become involved in summertime Scouting activities.

Two types of den meeting plans are offered for the den leader’s use:

  • Numbered plans: Programming for the program/school year (September through May), including rank advancement requirements for dens meeting twice a month
  • Lettered or supplemental plans: Additional programming for dens meeting year-round or more than twice per month

The den meeting plans for each rank are designed to be conducted in sequential order. Certain activities are partially completed in one meeting and finished in another. Other activities or skills are natural prerequisites for things that come later in the den’s year.

Local conditions (weather, events, etc.) or your den’s schedule may make altering the order of the den meetings attractive. As a den leader, you may change the order solong as you make sure the change does not jeopardize the boys’ opportunity to earn their rank in the allotted time or disrupt the logical order of the activities and achievements.When there is any doubt, the planned order should be used. Discuss with your Cubmaster any changes, as they may also affect pack activities.

Download Wolf Cub Scout Den Meeting Planning Worksheet

Download the Wolf Letter Template

Den Meeting No. Wolf Den Meeting Plans Requirements/Electives Covered
*HA = Home/family assignment
1 Bobcat and Your Flag Do: Achievement 2b or 2f, Bobcat (partial), Electives 9b, 12e
HA*: Achievement 8b–e, How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse
2 Your Flag and Feats of Skill Do: Achievements 2a and 1a–f PDF
3 Your Flag, and Sports Electives Do: Achievement 2c, 2d, 2e, 2g; Elective 20h, i, j (one of k, l, or m), Bowling belt loop
HA: Achievement 3a
4 Keep Your Body Healthy and Bowling Field Trip Verify: Achievement 3a
Do: A chievement 3b–c, Elective 20g, Bowling belt loop
5 Know Your Home and Community and Be Safe at Home and on the Street Do: Achievements 4f, 9a, 9d, 9e
HA: Achievements 4a–d, 9b–d, 7e
6 Know Your Home and Community, Make a Gift and Sing-Along Verify: Achievement 9b–d
Do: Achievement 4a–d, Electives 9b–c, 11a
HA: Achievement 4e
7 Your Living World and Tie It Right Verify: Achievements 4e, 7e
Do: Achievement 7a–f, Electives 9b–c, 17a–c
HA: Achievements 4e, 6b, 8c–e
8 Cooking and Eating and Start a Collection Verify: Achievements 4e, 8c–e
Do: Achievements 6a, 6c, 8a, 8b
9 Tools for Fixing and Building Do: Achievement 5a–e
HA: Achievements 10 and 11, Elective 13c
10 Birds Verify: Achievements 10 and 11 and Elective 13c
Do: Elective 13a–e; Achievement 10a–g
HA: Elective 13f
11 Making Choices Verify: Elective 13f
Do: A chievement 12a and four from 12b–k
HA: Review and complete Achievement 12
12 Books, Books, Books Verify: Achievement 12a–k
Do: Electives 6a and 6c, 12a
13 Pets Do: Elective 14b–d PDF
14 American Indian Lore (and Turn in Making Choices) Do: Elective 10a, 10c, 10f
HA: Electives 10a (if not complete), 21
15 Marbles Verify: Achievement 10a, Elective 21
Do: Elective 4e, Marbles belt loop
16 Outdoor Adventure and Fishing (or another Game or Belt Loop) Do: Electives 18a and b, 19a–f PDF

Den Meeting Letter Wolf Den Meeting Plans Requirements/Electives Covered
*HA = Home/family assignment
A Grow Something and Birds Do: Electives 10a, 13b, 15a or b PDF
B Spare Time Fun, Part 1 Do: Elective 5 PDF
C Spare Time Fun, Part 2 Do: Elective 5 PDF
D Swimming and Boating Safety Rules** Do: Achievement 1h and 1i, Elective 20b, Swimming belt loop PDF
E Be an Actor, Be an Artist Do: Electives 2, 12d PDF
F Make It Yourself Do: Elective 3a–b PDF
G Outdoor Adventure Fun Do: Electives 18a, 4a–f PDF
H Spare Time Fun Do: Elective 5a PDF
I Make It Yourself Do: Elective 3c and 3d PDF
J Machine Power Do: Elective 8a–d PDF
K Be an Artist Do: Elective 12b, c, f PDF
L Grow Something Do: Elective 15e PDF
M Family Alert Do: Elective 16a–c PDF
N Sports (Softball or Baseball) Do: Elective 20l PDF
O Say It Right Do: Elective 22a–e PDF
** Note: Using this plan requires completion by the leader(s) of Safe Swim Defense training.