Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide

Welcome, Cub Scout leader! You have chosen to make an important difference in the lives of the boys in your den and pack. With your guidance as their leader, the Cub Scouts will develop character, leadership skills, responsibility, fitness, and a love for fun with a purpose. Your role as a den leader or Cubmaster is a critical one to a boy's success and continued involvement in Cub Scouting.

The Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide is designed to help prepare you for your den and pack meetings and to provide you with the tools necessary to advance your boys along the Cub Scout advancement trail while having fun. Below you will find the contents of the Resource Guide in an online form.

Overview of Cub Scouting and Using the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide

Provides the fundamental purpose, methods, and ideals of Cub Scouting as well as the structure of how the program works and key tips about conducting den and pack meetings.

Den Meeting Plans

The core of the Cub Scouts delivery method; represents the guide to advancement. Used as indicated, they are the key to advancement and retaining boys throughout the program.

Pack Meeting Plans

Provides guidance on planning and executing the monthly pack meetings for Cub masters and committee members. It is important for den leaders as they may have pack meeting responsibilities for themselves or their den members.

Resources, Forms and Applications

Resources needed by the den leader and Cubmaster to effectively carry out their responsibilities. These resources are referenced in the den and pack meeting plans and should be used as needed.