Most Rev. James A. Tamayo, D.D.

The Most Reverend James A. Tamayo, D.D., is a member of the BSA's Hispanic Initiatives Committee. The archbishop of the Diocese of Laredo, San Augustin Cathedral, Laredo, Texas, he holds masters and bachelors degrees in theology from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. He serves on the Administrative and Plans and Priorities committees of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and also is a member of the Bishops Subcommittee on Hispanic Liturgy and the Migrant and Refugees Services Committee. Further, he is a consultant for the Bishops Committee on Hispanic Affairs and vice-president of Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.

Rev. Tamayo also is a director of the Texas Catholic Conference and the Texas Conference of Churches, and he is dean of the Judiciary Leaders of Texas Conference of Churches.

2008 National Hispanic Initiatives Committee

Ralph de la Vega, Chairman
Tico Perez, BSA National Commissioner
Carlos Alcazar
Ernest W. Bromley
Mario M. Carrera
Sen. Mel Martinez
Frank Ramirez
Most Rev. James A. Tamayo, D.D.

National Hispanic Initiatives Division

Marcos A. Nava, Director
Maria Dahl-Smith, Associate Director