Marcos A. Nava

As director of the Hispanic Initiatives Division, Marcos A. Nava is responsible for the strategic development and administration of programs and people focused on BSA growth in the Hispanic/Latino population and communities.

Mr. Nava began his professional Scouting career in 1992 as a district executive in Costa Mesa, California. From 1993 to 2004 he held the following positions in that council: senior district executive, district director, field director, and assistant director of field service. In 2005, Mr. Nava was promoted to assistant regional director/Hispanic Emphasis, Western Region. Since January 2007, Mr. Nava has served successfully as Scout executive in Roswell, New Mexico. Mr. Nava received a degree in sociology from Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, California.

Mr. Nava and his wife, Judith, have five children, Vanessa, Kristian, Marcela, Marc Anthony, and Brandon.

2008 National Hispanic Initiatives Committee

Ralph de la Vega, Chairman
Tico Perez, BSA National Commissioner
Carlos Alcazar
Ernest W. Bromley
Mario M. Carrera
Sen. Mel Martinez
Frank Ramirez
Most Rev. James A. Tamayo, D.D.

National Hispanic Initiatives Division

Marcos A. Nava, Director
Maria Dahl-Smith, Associate Director