BSA Contingent

As a member of the World Organization of Scouting Movement, the Boy Scouts of America gets invited to many different international/national events in different countries every year. This is a great opportunity for the BSA to connect with the world, upon the interaction with local scouts and scout leaders at those special events. Consequently, it provides us, our BSA scouts and adults, an excellent opportunity to learn about other countries, people and cultures through Scouting activities, plus learn their Scouting skills and make new friendships as part of the adventure. 

Depending on the locations, time, availability of Direct Service units, attendees and budgets, a contingent may be formed for these international events. Once a contingent formation is approved, BSA Scouts and Scout leaders will be selected to join this contingent (Boy Scout troop or Venturing crew). 

The BSA would like to send contingents that represent geographical diversity. Contingents will be formed with scouts and scout leaders from all over the country, not just from one troop/crew in the same council. 

In order to qualify for a BSA Contingent, Scouts and Scout Leaders must be nominated to the International Department by their Council International Representative and approved by their Council Scout Executive. 

BSA Contingent Nomination Form:    Youth    I    Adult