Venturing Leader Recognitions

Venturing Advisor's Key, green ribbon with broad white stripe, pendant, No.00922. Trained Venturing Advisor wears pendant with Venturing device, No.00940. Devices may also be worn on embroidered square knot. See note on page 52. See Progress Record Card, No.25-856, or for requirements.
Seabadge Trident pin, restricted, No.04097, presented by a region to a fully trained Sea Scout adult leader, centered above right pocket, above the Sea Scout's BSA strip and nameplate. A knot, No.05527, is also available.
Advisor Award of Merit, cloth knot, white on tan, No.05001, above left pocket with Venturing device, No.00940; certificate, No.33661.

Wood Badge slide or woggle, No.02173, trained Scouter, with Wood Badge neckerchief
Wood Badge Troop 1 neckerchief, No.02209.
Wood Badge tartan neckerchief, No.02213.

Wood Badge necklace with two beads, No.02175; three beads, No.02176; four beads, No.02177; worn under Wood Badge neckerchief, and over the ends below the woggle, with official field uniform; Wood Badge beads are not worn on civilian clothes, dress blazer uniform, or with a T-shirt. Wood Badge beads may be worn with a neckerchief as indicated or alone.

Note: Wood Badge patrol medallion is only worn during the Wood Badge course.

Trained Leader emblem, No.00280, is available for all leaders who have completed the Basic Leader Training program appropriate to their positions. The emblem is worn on the left sleeve immediately below and touching the emblem of office for which it was earned. Boy Scout junior leaders who have completed troop junior leader training and den chiefs who have completed the den chief training conference may wear the Trained Leader emblem beneath their badge of office.

Note: The Trained Leader emblem may be worn only in connection with the emblem of office for which training has been completed.
Powder Horn, a silver medal device, No.04044; recognition for completion of a Powder Horn course, any adult leader, worn on left pocket.