Sample Ner Tamid Presentation

Sample Ner Tamid Presentation

Given by a Scoutmaster

As I stand on this pulpit this Sabbath evening, in front of the Holy Ark with the Ner Tamid above, facing the Scouts entrusted to my care, I have a deep sense of well-being and achievement as a Scoutmaster.

This well-being and achievement is reflected in the culmination of the striving for the finest in living as taught by the Scout Law, learned in the Scout Oath, and practiced daily for good citizenship by every member of the troop. This sense of achievement and satisfaction is shared by every troop leader, and it is for this reason and for the love of working with youth that others like myself devote their time to youth leadership.

I feel very humble for the opportunity given me to lead in an organization whose purpose is to provide an ethical foundation on which youth may grow.

The responsibility of leadership is more deeply felt when one faces a youth in this sanctuary and realizes how significant the Scout Law and Scouting have become in one's life, particularly the twelfth point of the Law, which states "A Scout is reverent." It is this reverence for God and one's faith that compels a youth to work so diligently to earn the Ner Tamid emblem, which signifies a year of concentrated religious activity.

What symbol could be more truly the symbol of Scouting and reverence toward God than the Ner Tamid, the eternal light? It is this eternal light that serves as a beacon and a flame to the Scoutmaster. In my heart is the desire to serve youth because training our children is our greatest responsibility, and, I might add, hope for the future.

This Scout joins the group of outstanding Scouts who show great promise for the future. He brings great pride to his rabbi, his parents, his Scoutmaster, and troop committee as he stands ready to accept the Ner Tamid emblem - the Eternal Light of Judaism.

It is an honor to work with young men like (names), and it is with deep thankfulness that I address the parents of boys like (names). For without them and their guidance toward activities for their children, the Ner Tamid program and others of high merit would not have come into being.

Parents have an obligation to their children that is not written in any books, but lies deep in their hearts. It is this heartfelt determination to help make their children the best they can be that has brought about Scouting.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to witness the presentation of the Ner Tamid emblem to (name). I hope that he will always be as alert and watchful as the Ner Tamid and ever be the living example of the teachings of Judaism through Scouting.