Organizing Committee Meets

The new-unit organizer plays a key role in the success of the unit organization plan. The new-unit organizer helps to guide the organizing committee throughout the process. If a unit commissioner has been assigned, ask this person to assist with organization efforts.

Explain what is expected of the chartered organization and what is expected of the local council. Distribute copies of "Chartered Organization and Council Responsibilities." Walk everyone through this agreement.

Preparing for Unit Organization

The most important task of the organizing committee is selecting unit leaders. Before the selection process begins, it is important that the committee learn about Scouting. Committee members should

  • Understand the aims and methods of Scouting.
  • Know the steps to unit organization.
  • Be familiar with program planning.
  • Understand the process for selecting unit leaders.
  • Be aware of training opportunities. Distribute copies of the council or district training schedule.
  • Be familiar with literature and support materials available for leaders.