Select and Recruit Key Leaders

The first priority of the organizing committee is selecting unit leaders. Give everyone a copy of Cub Scouting's Selecting Cub Scout Leadership, No. 13-500; Boy Scouting's Selecting Quality Leaders, No. 18-981; or Venturing Fast Start, No. 25-878.

Choosing Prospective Unit Leaders

Make a list of people who would make good leaders. Choose prospects who exemplify the values of the Boy Scouts of America. Don't make assumptions about whether a prospect will accept the job; give prospects the opportunity to make their own decisions.

Present the list of candidates to the head of the organization for approval and ask for additional suggestions. Also, have the organization appoint someone—perhaps a member of the organizing committee—to be the chartered organization representative. Explain the basic responsibilities of this person. (See the job descriptions in The Chartered Organization Representative, No. 33118D.) The chartered organization representative represents the organization at the district and council levels as a voting member.

Appointing Other Volunteers

The organizing committee must also recruit and appoint people to serve as the committee chair and committee members. These people may be members of the organizing committee.

With these people in place, and with members of the organizing committee also acting as members of the unit committee, you are ready to complete the process of selecting and recruiting leaders and youth.