Train the Leaders

Fast Start

As soon as possible after a person has agreed to be a leader, they should be given a copy of the appropriate Fast Start video and Viewer Guide. After viewing the video and reading the Viewer Guide, the new leader will have a better perspective of their role and responsibilities. Fast Start is also on most council Web sites.

A district trainer may want to have several copies of the video available to the new unit so that each new leader can complete this important step in the training process as soon as possible.

New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Training

Leaders should be encouraged to attend basic leader training as soon as possible. The new-unit organizer may be able to get district trainers to conduct training especially for the new unit.

If a special training session is not possible, be sure to inform the new volunteers when and where the next district or council basic leader training session will be held. Arrange for car pools and child care so that every leader who needs to can attend. By going together, they will have the opportunity to provide support for each other in this new situation.


A roundtable is a monthly presentation of unit program ideas, inspiration, and additional training for all leaders. The new-unit organizer or the unit commissioner should let leaders know when and where the roundtable is held and give them an idea of what happens at a roundtable. Roundtables are enjoyable and convey many practical ideas for leaders to use.


The Boy Scouts of America offer many supplemental training opportunities on a district, council and national basis.