Recruit Youth Members and Orient Parents

It is finally time to invite prospective youth members and their parents to join Scouting. The first group of youths to be invited should include those who are members of the chartered organization. Youth from the community can sometimes be reached by announcements through area schools. Your district executive can provide recruitment fliers and posters, and usually has contacts with school administrators.

Promoting the Sign-Up

Attendance at the sign-up meeting is very important. Youth and their parents will most likely sign up for scouting when they attend this meeting.

Some ideas for promoting attendance are:

  • Boy Talks in the school on the day of the meeting
  • Informational flyers
  • Radio & TV PSA's
  • Personal visits to prospects
  • Bring a friend
  • Promotion at area churches, playgrounds, and parks
  • School open houses
  • Posters in schools
  • Personalize invitation from organizational head

Use your resources and brainstorm other ideas.

Conducting the Sign-Up

Hold the sign-up at the location where the unit will meet. Make it a brief, upbeat, and well-planned rally. Be sure to

  • Introduce the unit leadership.
  • Present the unit program.
  • Register new youth members.
  • Select and recruit additional adults.
  • Create an air of excitement of things to come.
  • Provide information.
  • Answer questions.
  • Provide light refreshments.
  • Announce the unit's next meeting date.
  • In the case of Venturing-age youth
    • Have each youth complete the Venturing Activity Interest Survey.
    • Brainstorm with youth their ideas that might not be on the survey.
    • Review the potential for crew program based on the Program Capability Inventory and the chartered organization.