Charter Presentation/Follow Up

Presenting the Charter

The new-unit organizer and unit commissioner should present the first charter. The charter presentation should occur at a full gathering of the chartered organization. For instance, in a church they should present the charter before the full congregation; a service club should present it at a meeting of all of its members. This way, everyone will know that Scouting is a part of the organization's youth program and can share in the pride of ownership.

Youth members and unit leaders should participate in the ceremony as the charter is presented to the head of the chartered organization. Unit leaders and the unit committee may also be installed during this ceremony.

The charter certificate should be framed and appropriately displayed after the ceremony.

Additional Follow-Up

Once the unit has been organized, it will need ongoing service from the district. At this point, the unit commissioner should step in to give the unit the support it needs to deliver a quality program to a growing membership. The organizer must be sure the new unit is solidly under the care of a commissioner before the organizer leaves the unit.

New-unit organizers may want to attend youth meetings or committee meetings periodically just to see how things are going and to enjoy seeing youth and leaders grow in Scouting because of their efforts.

The trainer who helped in the orientation meeting and/or basic leader training should follow up to ensure that leaders have an opportunity to attend other supplemental training provided by the district.