Be Prepared (Read Matthew 25: 1-13)

Though the winter air was crisp, an early sun warmed our faces as we prepared to start a twenty-mile hike. We were properly dressed for the weather. We had our boots laced tightly to protect our feet from the cold water in the streams we knew we would have to ford. Our packs held our lunch, rain gear, dry socks, and first-aid supplies. We were prepared.

However, the sun soon faded from view as unexpected storm clouds covered the sky. Soon it was raining and our pace was slowed. The water in the streams was now too deep to ford, so we lost time finding better crossings. The rain changed to driving snow, and our footing became treacherous. We were losing time, and the day was slipping away.

The storm passed, but now it was getting dark and we still had several miles to go. It was at this point that we realized we were not prepared—we had no flashlights in our packs, not one. We stumbled along in the dark and finally, with great difficulty, finished the hike.

Some of the best training we receive comes as a result of our own mistakes, failures, omission—not being prepared. If this is true, why must mankind persist in making the same mistakes over and over?

Prayer: Dear God, help us learn from our mistakes. Help us be prepared to serve others as Christ has served us. Amen.