FAQ: Organization Identity

The "Use of Organization Identity and Program Symbols" (at http://www.scouting.org/identity) provides guidance for the use of the BSA's trademarked and signature artwork.

What are the closest web-safe colors to those listed in the book?

The "Use of Organization Identity and Program Symbols" was developed for the printed medium, so the specific colors it prescribes are not a good fit for the Web. Here are the closest Web-safe colors to those mentioned in the book:

  • Boy Scout Red (Pantone 186) - #CC0033
  • Boy Scout Blue (Pantone 294) - #003399
  • Cub Scout Blue (Pantone 294) - #003399
  • Cub Scout Yellow (Pantone 116) - #FFCC00
  • Venturing Green (Pantone 349) - #006633
  • Venturing Yellow (Pantone 116) - #FFCC00
  • Strategic Plan Red (Pantone 186) - #CC0033
  • Strategic Plan Blue (Pantone 294) - #003399

Are files available in Web-ready formats?

Other than the JPEG/GIF files used in the "Use of Organization Identity and Program Symbols" piece, Web-ready files have not been developed. You will need to open the print-format files (eps, tiff, and pcx) with your image editing software and re-save them in Web formats.

Images used on a Web site should be sized to the exact dimensions in which they are needed and blended into the exact background color of the page(s) on which they will be used. Because are an infinite number of different combinations, it is unlikely an archive of Web-ready files will be created in the future.

Do the logos on the BSA's Web sites conform to these standards?

Unfortunately, the answer is "not yet" - the current development schedule doesn't provide time to review the existing sites to update all the logos. The approach we're taking is to use correct logos as we develop new materials and to ensure logos on existing pages are "standardized" when the pages are updated or redesigned.