BSA Web Site Maintenance

This information is provided to keep council webmasters abreast of recent changes to the BSA Web site(s) and, inasmuch as possible, provide some advanced notice of changes that can be predicted.

Completed Tasks

Details on significant developments/changes ...

January 2007

Troop Committee Challenge
An online version of the Troop Committee Challenge has been added to the Online Learning Center
National Commissioner's Podcast
The National Commissioner of Scouting has agreed to do a series of audio programs to provide support and assistance to council, district, and unit commissioners.

February 2007

Everyday Heroes/The Value of Scouting
Multimedia slide-shows of selected Scouts and Scouters who have had a significant impact in their communities. The photo essays will be updated quarterly. (Contact Marketing Communications at the national office if you would like them to consider a Scout or Scouter in your council.)
NESA Scholarship Applications
Applications for Eagle Scout scholarships have been removed from the NESA Web site as the 2007 deadline has passed. Next year's forms will be posted later this year.

March 2007

Boys' Life redesigned
Boys' Life magazine has redesigned their Web site. Contact Bryan Wursten ( for details.
A new podcast series targeted toward adult leaders in Cub Scouting is now available on the site. Monthly updates are planned.

April 2007 redesigned
The "main" Web site for the national council has been redesigned. No content was added or removed - only the cosmetic aspects of the site have changed.
Tour Permit "Wizards" Removed
The online assistants that walked users through completing the National and Local Tour Permits were removed. The forms were out of date, and will soon be made obsolete by MyScouting's fully electronic tour permit applications. PDF versions (to print and complete by hand) are still available.
A new podcast series for Cub Scout leaders.

May 2007

Youth Protection Resources
A new page has been added to the site to highlight the BSA's efforts, policies, and resources in the area of Youth Protection.
Youth Protection Training
A new person (Norma Cethoute - taken over the responsibility of receiving and processing local reporting requirements for Youth Protection training. has taken that. (The nature of the document has not changed, just the person who handles them).
Staffing the District Committee
A new training course has been added to the OLC.
Introductory Guide for Merit Badge Counselors
Orientation information for merit badge counselors. See note below regarding graphics.
Cub Scout Pack Annual Budget Plan
Guidance for Pack budgeting, including a budget worksheet.

June 2007

Boy Scout Requirements
The entire content of the requirements book has been added to the Web site.
Merit Badge Graphics: Badges and Covers
The graphic files for merit badges (covers, small badges, and large badges) has been moved from the counselors' guide (/mbs/) to the Requirements site (/32215/). Apologies for any broken links - I don't expect I'll need to move them again in the foreseeable future.

July 2007

Old Application Forms Discontinued
A new application form (single form for all programs) is available and has replaced the program-specific forms on this page. The old forms have been removed - but because there are many links still pointing to the old versions, we have replaced them with a PDF with the address to download the new form.

July 2007

BSA Extranet Discontinued
The BSA's extranet site, which made resources available to field professionals, has been discontinued. Virtually all of the content has been removed (we're working on one last item), as all employees now have access to "MyBSA" and the Intranet site.

August 2007

Conservation Good Turn
Added information about the Conservation Good Turn along with a certificate application.
Commissioner Unit Visit Tracking System
Application for unit commissioners to gather and reference information regarding unit visits visits.

September 2007

Merit Badge Resources
The list of resoruces from the MB pamphlets was added to each page along with the requirements.
Added a listing of scholarships available to Eagle Scouts.

October 2007

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Adult Leaders
A new uniform inspection sheet (covering both male and female leaders) has been posted. The older gender-specific versions are discontinued (forwarding pages were placed at their locations).
Entry-Level Openings
Human Resources has published a list of councils that currently have entry-level openings for career professionals.
Scouting Safely
Health and Safety service has added a section to the Web site that presents information related to safety issues.
BSA Insignia Guide
The BSA Insignia Guide, item no. 33066, has been placed online in its entirety.
The new "MyScouting" portal has been launched. This login will provide a single point-of-entry into all systems/programs available via the internet for our volunteer leaders.

Current Projects

The projects listed below are currently "on the workbench". While these projects will generally be completed in the near term, it's not possible to project a date ... and it is possible a project may be cancelled.

International Division

International Division is reviewing their section of the site ( with an eye toward a dramatic overhaul of the content they provide.

Hazardous Weather

A course on weather hazards is under development. The current plan is to make this course available via the e-learning system.

Boy Scout Fast Start - Spanish

We are nearing the completion of translating the online Boy Scout Fast Start course into Spanish.

Future Plans:

The information below is an "FYI" about things that may be coming in the future - but please be aware: the further off a project is, the more it's subject to be changed/cancelled.

Content Management System

We are currently in the process of evaluating vendors to provide a content management system that will simplify the behind-the-scenes work in keeping the content of national sites up to date. In time, we would like to leverage this system to provide the same capability for councils, districts, and units.

Thus far, we have viewed proposals from several vendors and have arrived at our "top three" - the next step in the process is to work with these three vendors toward developing a detailed project description.

This project, still in the early stages, remains contingent on funding and we do not anticipate being able to begin until 2008 at the earliest.

Den Chief Fast Start

Cub Scout Division is considering options for providing introductory training for new Den Chieves.

Commissioner Fast Start

A fast start course for commissioners is under development. The current plan is to make this course available online, though it may ultimately be delivered as a video.

Venturing Recruiting Site

A recruiting site for the Venturing program is in discussion. The goal is to have a site that supports local council efforts to promote Venturing to teens and promote the values of operating a crew to chartered organizations, similar to the way that and do for their respective programs. This site is presently expected to debut in 2008.

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