Resources: Youth Protection Training

Training: Youth Protection

Resources: Youth Protection Training

For most training courses, there is no action needed on your end to enable your members to take the course (other than to create a link to the training). However, Youth Protection Training provides users with information about reporting procedures (whom to contact if abuse is suspected). Because laws differ from state to state, we cannot offer a generic set of procedures. Therefore, each council must provide a document detailing the procedures in their area. Volunteers in your council will not be credit for taking this training unless you have provided your local reporting procedures.

Developing Local Procedures

A template is available (click here to download a Word file [DOC]) for creating this document. You should involve legal counsel in creating your local procedures to ensure that the information you provide is in accordance with the laws in your areas.

Providing Local Procedures

Send your local reporting procedures document as a Microsoft Word (DOC) file to, for review. Upon approval, they will be placed on our server. This must be done at least two weeks prior to the course being made available on your Web site.

Updating Local Procedures

If ever you need to update your local reporting procedures, simply send an updated Word file to the address above.

Procedures in Spanish?

To offer Youth Protection Training in Spanish to your members, you must provide your council's documents (letter and reporting requirements) in Spanish. The national council can arrange the translation for you, provided that each of these documents is not more than one page in length. Contact Norma Cethoute ( for details.

What about the Scout executive's letter?

An older version of the training also provided users with a letter from their local Scout executive - but this turned out to be difficult to maintain (personnel changes in over 300 councils) and was not strictly necessary, so we dropped this letter when we redesigned the training.