Standards for Internet Publishing

Rules and Regulations
National Council Standards
Advice on Council Web Site Policies
Site Ownership
  • Domain name
  • Content
Site Administration
  • Site Hosting
    • Location of Hosting Server
  • Domain Registration
  • Control of Server Access
Control of Content
  • District and Unit Web Sites
  • National Council Perspective
  • Audience Location and Council Boundaries
  • On-Line "Conversation"
Electronic Commerce
Privacy and Youth Protection
Collecting Personal Information
  • FTC Guidelines
Providing Personal Information
  • Youth Participants and Parents
  • Adult Volunteers
  • Council Employees
Photographs and Names
Web Site Content
Content Sources
  • National Council Publications
  • Third-Party Material
  • Materials from Other Web Sites
  • Photographs
Links to Other Web Sites
  • National Council Web Site
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  • Third-Party "Scouting" Sites
  • Third-Party Commercial Sites
  • Sites with "Free" Services
Content and Links to Avoid
  • Advertisements and Banners
  • Web Site Awards and Certification
Learning for Life Content
Appendix A. Talent Release
Appendix B. Copyright Permission Examples
Appendix C. Standards for the National Council Web Site